One Quarter Journal


The Hijab Stylist X Poppy's Getting Married


Zulfiye Tufa and Marnie Cunningham


A collaboration between former interviewees of One Quarter Journal

At One Quarter, we wanted to play a role in creating new stories by connecting some of our former interviewees for collaborations. Both Zulfiye of thehijabstylist and Marnie of Poppy’s Getting Married are similar in the way they manage their creative endeavours: they are talented, hardworking and absurdly modest about the wonderment that they create. We decided to see what would happen when they brought their talents together for a photo shoot with Sebastian Avila. Despite Marnie claiming that she is not that practiced at headpieces and Zulfiye having never worked with fresh flowers before, the quality of their work in this collaboration speaks volumes for their abilities.

Have you ever worked on a collaboration like this before?

Z: With real flowers? Never! This is definitely a first for me - most of my collaborations are done with other designers.

M : Me either. I have made floral headbands and crowns before for brides and spring racing but nothing quite like this.

How did you share ideas with each other - did you both have a similar vision of how this would turn out?

M: I went to the flower market in the morning and found pretty seasonal flowers that I thought would work well and then I shared what kind of colours I had bought with Zulfiye and she kindly designed her wardrobe to match!

Z: Yes, was quite organic, we had a quick chat about the colour code and that was it. I think it’s always good to give each other creative space. Being too rigid and planned can stunt creativity.

M: I love what Zulfiye has done by combining the pink and white flowers.

What were some of the challenges in this collaboration?

M: Finding the time! Getting everyone together for this shoot was a real team effort!

Z: In general, when collaborating, you always need to be open to other people’s opinions. It’s about joining two artists together – that may sometimes become difficult if the artists have two very different visions.

This photoshoot has been a great success, what was the best bit for you?

M: Being inspired by others and trying something new! Thank you Zulfiye for being a gorgeous model.

Z: The best part of this collaboration was the fragrance lingering on my head due to the bouquets.

Interviewed by
Alice Bradshaw

Photography by
Sebastian Avila